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The Boy Who Stole the Sun

The Boy Who Stole the Sun

Felix is excited—tomorrow is the Jiingtamok, and he will be a competitive dancer at the event. But first, his Aunties have to find a way to get him to go to sleep so he can rest and be ready! When he says that he can't sleep because it is still light out, they weave stories of how day and night came to be, of the creation of land, and of why the moon lights the night. These beautiful, adventuresome tales bring the stories of the Inuit, the Ojibwe, and the Pueblo people to mesmerizing life in storytelling, music, dance, and puppetry—sparking Felix's imagination, and, hopefully, helping him rest for the Jiingtamok!

Adapted and Directed by Alison Garrigan

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  1. Saturday, September 15, 2PM & 7PM
  2. Sunday, September 16 2PM - Pay What You Can
  3. Friday, September 21, 7PM - Pay What You Can
  4. Saturday, September 22, 2PM & 7PM
  5. Sunday, September 23, 2PM
  6. Friday, September 28, 7PM - Pay What You Can
  7. Saturday, September 29, 2PM & 7PM
  8. Sunday, September 30, 2PM
  9. Friday, October 5, 7PM - Pay What You Can
  10. Saturday, October 6, 2PM & 7PM
  11. Sunday, October 7, 2PM
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