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Take your family on a year-long journey around the world with TCT! We're heading to new and exciting destinations to hear tales unlike you've heard anywhere else! Check out our ways to save money with our subscription packages and let your imagination PLAY this 2018!

With the help of five amazing women playwrights, we will bring stories from Nigeria, Thailand, Canada & Alaska, Israel, and Poland to vibrant, heart-opening, mind-tickling, toe-tapping, colorful & joyous life. On our main stage, come with us to Nigeria, for "The Oba Asks For a Mountain," by Gail Nyoka, in which a young man learns that using your head can overcome the toughest obstacles. Sail away to Thailand in "The Princess & The Nightingale," by Marian Fairman, and meet a clever bird who teaches the true meaning of trust and loyalty. Next, visit the Inuit people of Canada and Alaska to learn about how we came to have night and day, in "The Boy Who Stole the Sun," adapted by Alison Garrigan and produced in collaboration with L.E.N.A.C., The Lake Erie Native American Council, and finally, join us in Israel for "A Song in the Flame," by Margi Herwald-Zitelli to learn how even distance can be a gift during this heart-warming Hannukah story. TCT’s touring production this year takes us to Poland in "Jan & the Trickster," by Krysia Orlowski. In this funny, magical tale, see how Jan learns to use wits and true friendship to win the day.

The Oba Asks For a Mountain
(A Tale of Nigeria)
By Gail Nyoka
Directed by Chennelle Byrant Harris
Movement by Andrea Belser
April 7 - 29

The Princess and the Nightingale
(A Tale of Thailand)
By Marian Fairman
Directed by Tim Maca
Movement and Music by Devon Turchan
June 9 - July 1

The Boy Who Stole the Sun
(An Inuit Creation Tale)
In partnership with L.E.N.A.C. (Lake Erie Native American Council)
Adapted & Directed by Alison Garrigan
Sept. 15 - Oct. 7

A Song in the Flame
(A Tale of Israel)
By Margi Herwald Zitelli
Directed by Alison Garrigan
Movement by Stephanie Wilbert
Nov. 24 - Dec. 16

Single Ticket Pricing

Adults (age 13 & up) : $15
Seniors, & Students with college ID: $12
Children (age 12 & under) : $10
(Educational & Group Rates available–for more information, contact

Subscription Packages*

Don’t miss out on a single chance to let your imagination play! Two exciting ways to save!

Family Pack: 2 adult and 2 child tickets to each production of the 2018 mainstage season
$160 (you save $40)

Buddy Pack: 1 adult and 1 child ticket to each production of the mainstage season
$80 (you save $20)

Family Pack Plus: Same as our Family Pack PLUS 2 adult and 2 child tickets to Jan and the Trickster / Stay & Play Weekend, July 20-22, 2018
$200 (you save $50)

Buddy Pack Plus: Same as our Buddy Pack PLUS 1 adult and 1 child ticket to Jan and the Trickster / Stay & Play Weekend, July 20-22, 2018
$100 (you save $50)

Don’t see a package that suits your needs? Let us know – we can work with you!

Miss a show? Let us know. We can transfer your tickets to the next production!

*Subscriptions are for mainstage season only, and cannot be applied to special events. PLAYground is not a part of the mainstage series. Unused portions of subscription cannot be refunded.

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