2017 Season

Sundiata (a Tale of Mali)


June 10th through July 2, 2017
Fridays 7PM; Saturdays 2PM & 7PM; Sundays 2PM
Ohio Savings Pay What You Can Series performances Sunday, June 11th; Friday, June 16th; Friday, June 23rd; & Friday, June 30th

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Sundiata is destined to be king--a child born to a mother who had the spirit of the buffalo and whose father possessed the spirit of the Lion He was meant to bring peace throughout the land of Mali. But how can one become a great king, if everyone and everything seems to be set against you--even your own body? Will he gain the courage to create the life that lives in his dreams? Will he arise to become the great king? Find out in this musical, magical tale, as it unfolds…

By Nina Domingue Glover
Directed by Nina Domingue Glover & Nathan Lilly

Acting Company
The Griot and Griotte (GREE-oh)
Abraham Adams, Chennelle Bryant-Harris
Masters of Eloquence, guides for our Journey
Sundiata (SOON-dee-ah-ta)
Christopher Walker
Prince, Child of Lion and Buffalo
Maghan (MAH-gahn)
Nathan Tolliver
The Lion King, Sundiata’s Father
Sogolon (Soh-GOH-lohn)
Andrea Belser
The Buffalo Woman, Maghan’s Second Wife, Sundiata’s Mother
Sassoume (Sah-SOO-may)
Elaine Feagler
Maghan’s First wife
Dankaran (DAHN-kah-rahn)
Obi Ehn
Sundiata’s Brother
Balla (BAH-lah)
Chennelle Bryant-Harris
Sundiata’s Griotte, Doua’s Daughter
Doua (DOO-wah)
Abraham Adams
Balla’s Father, The Great Griot, King Maghan’s Griot
Samanguru (Sah-mahn-GOO-roo)
Nathan Tolliver
An evil wizard


Sat. 6/10 and Sun. 6/11
African Drumming

Sat. 6/17 and Sun. 6/18*
*AND “Stay and Play” crafts!

Sat. 6/24* and Sun. 6/25 Storytelling
*1PM “Science and a Show”
(powered by the Children’s Museum of Cleveland)

Sat. 7/1 and Sun. 7/2
Puppet and Mask Use

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